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Abortion Op Trivia

  • According to DBRB, one of the alpha fleets on the op got in a scrap with some reds on their way to the POS. They annihilated the enemy fleet and only incurred 3 losses over the entire course of the operation. One got commissar’d (shoot blues erryday) by the FC for being a faggot, and the other two fell victim of overview bugs (never not shoot blues).
  • While burning to destination because fuck incursions, Drake fleet passed by either an FCON or an SMA battleship fleet because they hadn’t got word that we already left the form up system.
  • The tower that Drake fleet went after didn’t have POS gun installed, so after failing to catch any carriers outside the shield we spent a few minutes helicopter dicking around it and popping any subcaps that made the bad choice of warping to the POS or trying to use it’s jump bridge.
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