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HAC Rebalance: Ishtar Gets Even More Awesome

So you know how I said the Ishtar was awesome for PvE? Well CCP is about to make it even better.

The old (current) bonuses for the ship are:

  • Gallente Cruiser Skill Bonus: 5% bonus to Medium Hybrid Turret damage and 10% bonus to drone hitpoints and damage per skill level.
  • Heavy Assault Ship Skill Bonus: +5 km bonus to Scout and Heavy Drone operation range and +50 m3 extra Drone Bay space per level.

The new bonuses will look like this:

  • Gallente Cruiser Skill Bonus: 7.5% bonus to Heavy Drone speed and tracking and 10% bonus to Drone hitpoints and damage
  • Heavy Assault Ship Skill Bonus: 5 km bonus to Drone operation range per level and 7.5% bonus to Sentry Drone optimal range and tracking speed

Basically they rolled the old drone bay bonus into the hull, so everybody has 375m3 now, and replaced it with a bonus to Sentry optimal and tracking. They also threw out the gun bonus (finally), and added bonuses for Heavy drones.

When we Don’t Fuck Around, We *Don’t* Fuck Around

(12:02:21 PM) directorbot: The foe is doing morale pings with LOTR quotes. We’re not going to bother with a morale ping because we’re in the system first, we have seven Baltecfleets, One AHAC fleet, Two Bomber wings, One FuckYouFleet, and yeah.

GSOL are heroes: after the work of our capfleet in destroying every single hostile tower in 6VDT, GSOL threw up 26 towers in 6VDT last night , blocking every single moon. The enemy has no safe towers: nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, and must bridge into our force.

*** This was a broadcast from the_mittani to all-all at 2013-07-28 19:02:22.099746 EVE, replies are not monitored ***



Unironic claims that GSF and the CFC have been ruining TEST’s fun in the game for years (despite nothing less than taking them in and teaching them everything they know),

You could argue that the CFC did ruin TEST’s fun in the game by turning them into a sov-holding entity.

Let’s be honest: TEST thrives on drama, and player-controlled nullsec is the most overwrought drama engine in the entire game. We gave them exactly what they wanted, every single time. This includes when we helped them become a relevant sov-holding power (In Fountain and D/Q/PB), and when we finally let them have the “fuck you Dad” sov war they had been crying about not getting for months on end as we slaughtered their ratters in Delve. You could say that we’re right where TEST wants us (hurr hurr).

The amount of pure, unadulterated, sperging coming from TEST over the CFC’s latest push into Fountain is something to behold.

Tinfoil hattery that we are fireselling stockpiles of R64 goo to keep their profits down (followed by further denial that they are in financial trouble while also admitting that they begged for donations from their line members).

Unironic claims that GSF and the CFC have been ruining TEST’s fun in the game for years (despite nothing less than taking them in and teaching them everything they know), and that we stained them with the image of being a shit alliance, followed shortly by jokes that TRIBE is too shit to fit doctrine-compliant ships.

Literally berating and insulting their membership for not being neckbeard enough to sit inside all day playing spaceships.

I just fuckin’ really like Drones, okay?

Basically a downsized ISKtar. You can even fit an entire flight of heavies if you feel like it heh i’m dumb. Runs level 2 Gallente missions without ever dropping below 80% health (no other data available because my nullsec-ass doesn’t have the standings to accept anything harder).

Swap the drones based on rat type and switch the invuln to a damage-specific hardener if you need to, but the fit relies more on insane shield regen then resistances so whatever. You can squeeze a little more damage out by swapping the extenders for Omnidirectional Tracking links, but each extender is basically 30% of your EHP, so don’t get too happy about it.

The idea of using this like a tiny slowcat is hilarious, but those remote armor reps are meant for your drones between waves or whatever (which you’ll never need because rat AI in highsec is pretty bad about killing drones too)



Here’s a Venture fit that isn’t total garbage if you’re feeling frisky and want to do some mining in lowsec but don’t know how to tank stuff.

It’s pretty much all T1 fit except for some 2nd best-named mining lasers because A) Taping 10 million ISK in mods onto your 200k ISK frigate is A Bad Idea, and B) You probably haven’t skilled up enough to fit those mods anyway.

If your fitting skills suck and you run out of CPU or aren’t cap stable (shame on you), then you can drop the invuln for a passive tank mod or something else (A survey scanner, maybe? I dunno)

I prefer: 

Slightly less ehp because it has a MWD fit, meaning PG only for a small extender instead of 2x medium. However, that speed is a great boost to the venture: It can haul ass! 

CPU is evidently tight with this setup. A field extender could be dropped for a CPU rig if that’d be helpful. Prototype cloak is there because priority 1 - staying alive. Priority 2 - getting out alive. Priority 3 - mining.

Worrying about putting a few million on a 300k ship is logically poor. The venture should be able to harvest a fair amount of ore. (469/minute no fleet bonuses with this set up). At a very low end 150 isk/m3, that’s 70k/min or 4.2m/hr - probably nearer 4m with hauling to station. This can be dragged all the way up to around 290 isk/m3 which is 8m/hour.

Considering you’re using the venture, I am going to assume it is being used on high ores in dangerous space. Otherwise you’d be in a barge. Hauling upto 8m per hour? You can afford to fit your ship up for a few million.

Just don’t lose it. That’s the aim in all of this, right?

A cloak is cool to fill the highslot, but functionally useless on a Venture in lowsec. With the +2 warp core strength role bonus and no bubbles in lowsec you can just warp away laughing and bounce safes if you need to. I’d rather save a penny or two and loosen the fitting a bit.

The MWD is a personal preference, but why would you need to go any faster than 400ms if you’re just putzing around a belt, and you’re not going to be controlling range in a 1v1 or something. You’re going to align and get the fuck out ASAP

Dropping a couple million is fine (the fit I pictured costs about a million in Rens. It’s serious bottom of the barrel shit), but throwing down 50x the cost of your frigate for a fraction more EHP is a little silly. It’s the same reason I have resistance rigs instead of field extender or purger rigs in the fit. Those things are fucking 800k minimum. I could fit an entire second Venture for that much. Maybe it’s my goon culture showing through, but pimping a T1 frigate for diminishing returns just doesn’t make sense to me.

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