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That OTEC Thing

So for whoever doesn’t know, the joke-turned-not-joke organization OTEC (Organization of Technetium Exporting Corporations) had their first operation on Sunday. AAA decided that PL had too many tech moons and put a few of their towers in Venal into reinforced.

Mittens called for an alpha fleet, not telling us what it was for, but claiming he would be logging in and actually playing for once. We goons are simple creatures, and the promise of possibly seeing mittens on grid was enough to turn “an alpha fleet” into an alpha fleet and two drake fleets.

Turns out it was all sort of unnecessary though, since AAA is terrible and couldn’t break PL’s reps on the tower or their carriers. So we basically sat on POS for 90 minutes laughing at the new names given to it by a few people in fleet who had the rights to change it.

There was an article about it on EN24, but don’t bother clicking that link because Riverini doesn’t deserve your ad money. The general attitude in the comments though is ‘why did this get posted if nothing happened?’.

The obvious reason is to show that OTEC is more than just a thing mittens mentioned on twitter once. A month ago I would have told you that we would rather disband the alliance and move back to Syndicate before helping save anything belonging to PL, but on Sunday nearly 600 of us sat on a pair of titans for 90 minutes just in case AAA decided to not suck for a single night.

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