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My Eve Career

In which I give a short (read: xbox huge) summary of my exploits in the really bad internet spaceship game Eve Online:

Despite a documented lack of retention with MMOs, in April of 2009 a friend convinced me to play some Eve Online. His plan was basically to do a lot of carebear high sec mining to fund our glorious pirate alts. We got about as far as until my trial ran out then I fucking quit.

Almost two years later I reupped my subscription and moved in with that same friend to a high sec mining corp. Things were about as exciting as you would expect them to be. Eventually the corp joined HELM Alliance, the personal wankfest of Enn Deekay, a colossal idiot. Shit went south really fast and I let my subscription drop when my bank started blocking overseas debit transactions. This was shortly after CCP brought ship spinning back, post-Incursion.

Lo and behold, only a few short months later, a day after Christmas, I reupped my subscription, made an application to Goonwaffe with my ~9 month old SA account, and I’ve been flying communist Rifters and shitting up local ever since.

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